After nearly 13 years since its initial release, Skytree unveils Crystal Consciousness: Ascended Addition, a restoration and re-exploration of the monumental musical journey set forth all those years ago. Completely remastered and accompanied by the addition of two unreleased tracks, Skytree invites audiences to delve deeper into the crystal realms than ever before.

I’ve spent the last two years slowly remastering an album that catalyzed an immense personal journey in music. The intent has been to commit it to indefinite access until the end of the internet, perhaps, as a legacy release through my distributor.

The Ascended Addition has been archaeologically scrubbed and restored to bring deep ravines of lost detail back into the mix across all original tracks. It’s also expanded with two extra tunes from the original album sessions.

I hope this message finds you all well, wherever and whenever you are, and thank you for listening.

May the forest be with you 💎💜🧠
– Evan / Skytree

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