Skytree unveils breathtaking music video for ‘Enhydro’ off 2020 album, Infraplantary. Enamoring microscopic footage of crystals growing in real-time along with the dance of living microbiota serves as a remarkable visual accompaniment to the track’s mysterious and exploratory nature.

“For some background, enhydro crystals contain pockets of water that can include ancient remains of past life, making them extremely useful in the study of extinct microscopic species. The concept of this video and track stemmed from this idea.

May the quartz be with you!”
– Evan / Skytree

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Track from the album Infraplanetary, released 08.20.2020 via TIMEWHEEL Records.
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Videography by Whirlwind Visuals / Julian Gray
Instagram | Youtube

Footage by the Science Guy / Dustin Brown | Youtube