Creation is Creation is a philosophical inquiry regarding the alchemy of creativity. Inspired by nature, Somatoast makes use of the natural world to serve technical, musical purposes. Seeds pods make shakers and icicles are a percussive ensemble. This electro-acoustic fusion spans six original tracks and four remixes– marking another unique development in Somatoast’s ever-evolving sound.

Tapping in Boyd Hill introduces the album with its sweeping aural environments and grounding tapping that begins the story of Creation is Creation, which is that human creativity is the same force of all creation. The tapping heard in the track was recorded live in Boyd Hill Nature Preserve in St. Petersburg, Florida. Dawn embraces the texture of a seed shaker found in Zilker Park in Austin, Texas. By letting the naturally found sounds do the talking, Dawn comes off with a simplified yet refined sound design. Namesake of the album, Creation is Creation is a jazzy approach into the essence of this album. Featuring expansive atmospheres partnered with piano riffs and inspiring lyrics, Creation is Creation dives deep into exploration of the universe that resides all around us.

“The soil that nurtures the flowers. The space that inspires your craft. The mood you set for your lover. The places that foster our children. The force that expands…”

An organic reprieve in the middle of the album, Kokoa features distinct usage of primitive and empowering vocals before segwaying into Icicle that was inspired from the Texas Freeze in early 2021 with lush guitar lines, rippling breakdowns and grounding bass. Lastly, Ooh Yeah is an experimental glitchy departure from the rest of the album, highlighting resounding soundscapes underneath bouncing plucks. As a bonus, the album rounds out with remixes from Lapa, Edamame, Skysia and Kaya Project.

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