Takkra’s new visual album, Technicolor Talk is making its debut today, January 18, 2017, via TIMEWHEEL. Last week, we received a taste of what the album has in store with the mind-bending ferrofluid music video for the album’s “The Flow,” and it excites us to say that the rest of the collection follows suit. Each installment is as captivating as the last, resulting in a flawless, storifying visual-accompaniment for Takkra’s unique and indefinable euphony.

The visuals of Technicolor Talk were directed by Takkra’s David Vigh, a Hungarian-born musician, producer, award-winning video director and the founder/art director for creative production company Global Illumination. Vigh’s passion for motion graphics and powerful affinity for music allows him to continuously unearth evolutionary videographic techniques that pair with their music with such congruency, it is almost as if the footage comes first with the music written to match.

Watch the entire 13-track visual album, available for stream in the playlist above. For more information, and to see more work from Vigh, Takkra and Global Illumination, visit:

Takkra’s facebook | soundcloud | Global Illumination’s facebook | GlobalIllumination.net