In this installment of The Astral Hustle podcast, host Cory Allen is joined by multimedia artist, sound engineer and TIMEWHEEL founder, Matt Xian. The two leave no stone unturned as they deliberate the role technology is playing in the ongoing consciousness renaissance, music as a spiritual experience, the power begotten of a strong community and more. Check out their conversation in the stream below and listen to more cognizant discussions with special guests on TAH podcast by visiting

Aside from being host of The Astral Hustle, Cory Allen is also a music composer, mastering engineer and a guided meditation instructor who offers his meditation guidance in the form of a six-week, web-based meditation course. His course is unlike any other, as Allen does not abide by the strict guidelines set forth by other schools of mediation. He feels that it is important to acknowledge the needs of the individual, as everyone requires their own approach to mindfulness and the attainment inner peace.

“There are many styles of meditation, approaches to mindfulness, and paths to living a more present life. However, each of those schools are confined to their own strict guidelines. This course is not. I believe that every person is different and needs a unique style of meditation that works for them.”

By enrolling in the course, you will gain access to a private facebook community in which you can chat and trade ideas with other course members, as well as chat with Cory himself about your meditation practice and progress. Each week, you will also be sent new material written and narrated by Cory focusing on the topics of meditation, consciousness and mindfulness. Participants are also given access to six 30-minute weekly guided meditations, hosted by Cory himself, that will pertain to that week’s course material, and more. To sign up for the course or find out more information, click [here].

The music used for the intro/outro Microcosm by Something Fiction