Joshua Tree, CA-based indie artist, Alan Scheurman, aka Santiparro, rattles the perceptual cage with a new visceral and thought-provoking music video for ‘All You Ever Wanted’ off his latest album, The Talon. A powerful and moving message conveyed through deft cinematography and a compelling use of symbolism, the production sheds light on an issue that has become all too prevalent in our current state of existence.

More and more, it seems people are losing touch with what it means to have a true, in-person experience. With the conveniences of technology and the ease with which we can view the world through the screens of our computers, phones and televisions, there is a certain meaningfulness that becomes lost in translation. The values of entire cultures and traditions are gradually being reduced to cherry-picked segments for the purpose of virality and monetization, cheapening their significance to just another piece of content for us to skim through and scroll past.

Watch the video for ‘All You Ever Wanted’ in the stream above and listen to The Talon in full HERE.