The city of Atlanta is preparing to batten down the hatches and seek shelter as a perfect storm of electronic dance music approaches just a few days away away. As the storm continues to grow in strength, it is projected to bring with it a ground shattering earthquake of bass, as well as a flood of ravers from all walks of life. As these two forces bond with each other like an electro-alchemical marriage, this non-coastal city will become swept under in a tsunami called the fifth annual Imagine Music Festival.

Somewhere in California, a girl is picking out outfits while the latest episode of Armin Van Buuren’s radio program A State of Trance plays in the back ground. An uncompromising grin spreads across her face as the headliner for Friday night tells his audience he’s playing at the event. Somewhere in Florida, a boys leg bounces as he sits on his computer reviewing his flight itinerary, anxiously anticipating his eighth time to see Bassnectar, hoping Shpongle’s set doesn’t create a scheduling conflict. Somewhere, somebody from the acid house and PLUR generation is preparing to go to their first festival in years, excited that among all the current and upcoming acts featured on the lineup, they will have the opportunity to see Paul Oakenfold and DJ Dara, for perhaps their last time.

The lineup for this festival is the omega point in which old-school and nostalgic artists like Gabriel & Dresden and Noisia collide with the progressive and cutting edge like Griz and ZHU. It is the point in which local acts share a flyer with international legends. With such thought put into the lineup is there any question that this festival will be fecund with possibilities? Overflowing with things to experience? A storm of lasers, flashing lights, and bone grinding bass is bearing down over Atlanta, and everyone in its path is set to be swept away in an experience they will never forget.

Check out the promotional trailer for Imagine Fest 2018 in the stream above, as well as the event flyer below to get a feel for what’s in store. For tickets and information, visit:


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Buckley Rue hails from Fort Worth/Austin Texas. He graduated from the university of Texas at Austin where he has a degree in Religious Studies with a minor in Psychology. He is the school’s founder of Students For Sensible Drug Policy and has a deep passion for psychedelic therapy. He is currently wrapping up a novel titled “Afterlife”, about the rise of The American rave culture, the coming revolution in consciousness, and the dawning of a new age for mankind.