Electronic music magician, Alfred Darlington, aka Daedelus, just released his first full-length album Labyrinths. Based in LA, Daedelus has earned a place in the underground music industry as one of the most influential sound designers and composers of our time. Disenfranchised from typical genres of music, he likes to explore the depths of EDM music and demonstrate the complexity and boundlessness of electronic music creation. Labyrinths is a perfect example of this as the record pushes the envelope of rhythm and unfolds into an indescribable arrangement of sounds never before heard.


The 12-track album also contains a handful of collaborations with artists that Daedelus diligently selected with the finished product in mind. With featured artists Teebs, Bass Sekolah, Zeroh, Laura Darlington and more, the album breaks modern music ‘formulas’ as the tracks seamlessly flow from one to the next despite its diverse thematic foundation. With the subtle, yet impactful way in which he establishes the underlying tones of his compositions, Daedelus exhibits how to produce a hard-hitting progressive piece of work without verbosity.


Traveling through texture filled tunnels of distorted synthesizers, you will discover an ominous and transformational atmosphere awaiting you within Labyrinths. As the dynamic vocals flow over succulent riffs of calculated composure, the project is as much a philosophical experience as it is an audible one. The heavy hitting kicks, experimental ambition and expressive lyricism will transfix you from the start as you endure the unyielding rhythms that will continuously take you by surprise. Listen to Labyrinths below.

Labyrinths tracklist:
01. Aries (feat. Bass Sekolah & Teebs)
02. Tussle (feat. Seven Davis Jr.)
03. Special RE: Quest
04. Labyrinths
05. Setting Out (feat. Amir Yaghmai)
06. Minotaur (feat. Zeroh)
07. In Your Hands (feat. Busdriver & Mousey McGlynn)
08. Keeps Fires Burning (feat. Vōx)
09. A Maze Amazing
10. Crime Of Passion (feat. Laura Darlington)
11. War Drums
12. Hold Sway