What exactly is the Elemental Awakening? It’s more of an idea than a thing. It’s something simple yet powerful. It’s about cultivating awareness in all that is, starting with the most basic things. Building a strong foundation, trusting your intuition and remembering who you really are.

The intention is to share information to help others make impactful changes in their lives and also for the host and guest to learn from and inspire each other. The guests will range in background, interest, career age…the more diverse the better to help get different perspectives on all the topics covered.

The series is hosted by entrepreneur and life adventurer, Giovanni Bartolomeo, who has a passion for creating deep connections with others and also creating environments for these types of connections to take place with others. He is also among the sphere’s leading advocates for plant medicine and was both director and host of the TIMEWHEEL original documentary, Psyched Out.

Dive into the Elemental Awakening with Giovanni in the streams below. For more to explore, check out: | PodLink | Youtube