KULT KRIMES weaves together a bewildering, dreamlike visual tale for track ‘Still Breathing’ off 2022 album, GOOD GRIEF. Cryptic and hauntingly beautiful, the video serves as a powerful portrayal of the track’s deep and ominous lyricism, and is made complete by that unmistakable KULT KRIMES direction and flair.

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Shot by Jesse Burrill, Max Manning, Jon Christopherson
Directed by Jon Christopherson & London Van Rooy
Shot & Edited by Jon Christopherson & London Van Rooy

Set Designs by London Van Rooy
Costume Design by London Van Rooy

Released on behalf of TIMEWHEEL & Lefse Records
Distributed by Symphonic Distribution

We’re all still breathing
But we’re all still complaining
We got it so bad
We’re all just so sad
For ourselves, for ourselves
We’ve gone to Hell, doomed to Hell
So we tell ourselves
If you hold my hand love, I bet you can’t be that sad

Time. Our time is out of line, time. We’re out of time.

Your head is still spinning
I’m wrestling with your demons
No sense in still dreaming
While we’re restless
I’m off to see Hell

Better get what you want
Better hold what you have
Cause I am a soul stalker
And I’ll take what you have
I’ll replace it with need
You’ll be screaming through your tears, “Whatcha doin to me”
Doin to me, doin to me,
Did you get get get, what ya need, let me see
Do unto me, do unto me
What you think I need
Are we even