‘Galaxies’ from Nyquist paints a visceral soundscape of echoing percussion to build into a heavy stripped down drop full of wubs and a groovy beat. This call and response is perfect, making the drop slam satisfyingly hard despite its simplicity, and perking listeners ears to leave them wanting more.

The single serves as a taste of what’s in store in forthcoming compilation, Abstractions, collected by Somatoast. Full of drippy sound design, heavy bass and downtempo grooves, the arrangement is a collection of ideas and a look into the talented mind of Somatoast. Featuring Gravitas affiliated artists and some fresh faces that have impressed Somatoast, Abstractions is ready to melt minds and offer a journey through modern bass music. Be on the lookout for the full compilation, coming 10/20/2023 on Gravitas.

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