Savej is back with another multicultural, ancient future journey with album, Entheogenetic. Once again, he teamed up with the one and only TAS Visuals for an immersive audiovisual experience to accompany the album mix.

This genre-bending journey pays homage to various cultures who have influenced Savej and celebrates their history through music. Entheogenetic digs deep into ancient sonics and is packed full of influences and collaborations with SOOHAN, Liquid Bloom, Lil Fish, Johnny Buffalo and Ronnā Yawa. The last track, ‘Wacomaya’ is donating 100% of proceeds to the non-profit (Futuro Nativo) to support the solar project aimed at acquiring solar panels for Ronnã’s village in the Brazilian Amazon. With this album, Savej aimed to once again create a beautiful exploration through different ideas and many ancient traditions under one cohesive journey.

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