A Path Untold delivers another audio/visual journey for the mind, spirit and heart.

This immersive 30 min set transports the observer through multiple dimensions of imagination and movement, providing the ideal environment to deliver music with emotive depth and range. The visuals in this set are meant to celebrate the range of human diversity and movement while emphasizing the importance of true unity.

As both a producer and DJ, A Path Untold consistently blends genre elements from future garage, deep house, ambient, idm and world/medicine music to create his unique style that is increasingly in demand. This all original mix includes some unreleased APU tracks as well as new remixes by Airi and Point B of ‘I See’ and ‘Delicate Seams’ from the ‘Wander to Serve’ LP.

The full set is also available in the form of episode 92 of the Radio Show, available for stream in the section below:


1. A Path Untold – Ghost Dance
2. A Path Untold – I SEE (Airi remix)
3. A Path Untold – Delicate Seams (Point B remix)
4. A Path Untold – Unity Veil
5. A Path Untold – Into The Fray
6. A Path Untold – Combat Me
7. A Path Untold – Reflect Source

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