Kult Krimes unveils the official music video for ‘Worthy Winter’, track 3 off of the recently released EP, Divine invasion.

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Music & Lyrics by KULT KRIMES
Created by London Van Rooy & Jon Christopherson
Shot & Edited by JCCinematography
Released on behalf of TIMEWHEEL Records
Distributed by The Orchard

The same patterns in my nightmares
Wake up and hear the birds still screaming
I was sleeping in the back yard waiting for you
Couldn’t tell what you were saying
Crumpled up your voice and played it like a guitar

Were you never really there
Were you never really there
was there a hole in my chest
Are my lungs just blowing back
the tar in my flesh
Was it ever really there
Are you playing a game
I was warned not to stray too far in my sleep
Now I’m floating away

Beam me up
Don’t mess with me
Can’t give in
Don’t trust this feeling
Is it fear
Gripping me
In my chest
I took the wrong pill
My ego’s strong baby, can’t be beat

Hang it up, slowly cut a sliver of luck
I never knew I was throwing up in sock puppets
Scrape the butt, get your nut, covered in smut
So what’s up, are you still obsessed with human sockets

Put yo hands in both pockets, put yo hands in both pockets, move em all around until you find yourself another partner

Oh no, Pick up beat, the time is losing feeling
oh no, switch yo feet, I think it’s hunting season
low low, from the deep, a different kind of demon
Time to climb and wake up from all your tired reasons