Numinous – /ˈn(y)o͞omənəs/, having a strong religious or spiritual quality; indicating or suggesting the presence of a divinity – an all too fitting title for A Path Untold’s new 3-piece EP. Reliably, Merrill takes us through realms of transcendence with this celestial future garage breakbeat odyssey. Vast, exploratory and alluringly beautiful, Numinous captures the very essence of the divine experience and audibly illustrates it with eloquence and magnitude.

The project features an original APU remix, ‘If You Would Only Let Me’, composed by special guest, producer and dear friend, Andrew Souter. Souter takes that isolate, cosmic atmosphere established by Merrill and sublimely lends to it an emotive introspection and sincerity, taking listeners inward for a rhythmic journey through the corridors of consciousness. Dive in.

From the artist:

The first in a 3 part EP series called NUMINOUS (wherein each EP contains 3 tracks), designed to explore ethereal, supernatural spaces and to express feelings of travelling through “other” realms, both inner and outer.

These are tracks straight from the heart, providing a mixture of work from various times, spaces and life experiences. Some are newer, some older with new refixes/updates that have never had a proper release until now.

The cover of this and each upcoming EP is representative of this concept of exploring the Numinous and traversing worlds, while pairing interpretive artwork with each set of tracks. Working closely with multi-medium artist Toby Verhines (aka Shadow Cartography), this series will be a thematic continuation of an entrancing marriage between aural and visual components. | soundcloud | bandcamp spotify | soundkick