Skytree descends from the canopy to unveil feature-length ambient album, Forest Family. Nearly 90 minutes of sonic cleansing, the arrangement serves as a powerful augmentation for anyone in need of a soothing soundscape to accompany them in relaxation, meditation or ceremony. Many layers and subtle intricacies blend seamlessly to create an undisruptive container within which internal states can be explored in depth.

Skytree has possessed the desire to create a full ambient album for some time now, first declaring it as a personal goal following his 2013 Glacial Mantra ambient mix. Nine years later with the help of a powerful modular studio build, his vision has come to fruition in the form of this transcendent ambient arrangement.

“After nearly 20 years of recording music, Forest Family is my first all ambient album. It took a long time to emerge. Its 5 slowly but continuously evolving tracks span an hour and 25 minutes, with details buried throughout. So, there’s no pressure to listen all at once, but if you do, it’s a continuous trail from beginning to end. It goes pretty deep into the woods, but it’s carefree about how it gets there.

Thank you for listening and supporting, fellow entities, and welcome to the Forest Family,”
– Evan / Skytree

Check out the visual stream complete with foliated visual art created by Marty Millar in the section above, or stream the audio for the full album in the section below. Enjoy.

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