David Vigh is a Hungarian-born musician, producer and award winning video director, as well as the founder/art director for creative production company Global Illumination. Beginning his artistic journey as a musician and graphic designer, Vigh slowly began to develop an interest in motion graphics, which has since driven him to produce some of the most dimensional and contemplative video work to emerge on the web.

Vigh is a part of an electronic music group, a project known simply as Takkra, who have become known for their unique style characterized by etherial synths, natural atmospheres, psychedelic subtleties and vivacious grooves. For their track “The Flow,” Vigh took it upon himself to direct an official music video to compliment the piece’s exuberance and explorative nature. The psychedelic journey captures the curious and intriguing behavior of a magnetic liquid known as ferrofluid, which makes for a breathtaking visual-adventure that would have received attention on its own in the sphere of motion-graphic artwork. Once paired with the evocative essence of the group’s expressive musical styling, however, the two-minute presentation becomes an ephemeral audio/visual sensation that embodies the intersection of curiosity and ingenuity.

Checkout the official music video for Takkra’s “The Flow” in the stream above and watch for the “Technicolor Talk” visual album coming soon to TIMEWHEEL. For more information, or to see more work from Vigh and his production company, Global Illumination, visit:

vimeo | soundcloud | facebook | GlobalIllumination.net