Brooklyn-based soundsmith, TALEX, presents a captivating musical experience in new single ‘Skies Above’ off of forthcoming EP, Illusions, out March 31 on Gravitas. A glimpse of what’s in store, the project possesses cinematic and emotional qualities while keeping a bass music foundation, telling a story in a beautiful way. Inspired by the remarkable work of forward-thinking electronic artists, such as Flume and CharlesTheFirst, and legendary film score composer, Hans Zimmer, TALEX blends these influential forces with his own flair to create a poetic music composition that moves both body and mind.

This project is meant to be a cinematically, emotionally driven piece to help make sense of the constant cloak we, and society, wave in front of our eyes. Covering the illusions of: Reality, Love, Spirituality, and Perception, the music is supposed to be heard front to back and provide a sense of comfort in knowing others can be facing the same confusion about life that the listener might be.

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