The XPAND Podcast, hosted by Zerin Beattie, is designed to bring the hidden gems of perception from people around the world for a discussion around the table, a place where we are both students and professors of perception. A place where we are equals, with something to share. The series takes an introspective look into life and draws on the experiences of amazing guests in the wellness, fitness, artistic world, and beyond.

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#73 Working WITH Your Illness – Britney Jane

#72 Vulnerability in the Online World – Toby Hawley

#71 Find Your Lesson – Natalie Lemas

#70 The Healing Journey – Marisa Radha Weppner

#69 The Beauty of Limitations – East Forest

#68 Become an Expert – Martin O’Neill & Nick Davis

#67 Running 210 Miles for Suicide Awareness – Conrad Jeffries

#66 WE. HEAL. TOGETHER. – Josh Nesta FFS

#65 Happy Holidays! – Zerin Beattie (solo)

#64 A Mission of Soul Progression – Brock Rice

#63 Meaningful Human Connection – Daniel Olson