Today we are excited to promulgate that San Antonio-based electronic music artist MASLO’s first EP Animism is soon to be released, and it will be made available online via Bandcamp and Soundcloud on Friday, November 11th. Through Bandcamp, free downloads of Animism will be at one’s fingertips so fans may listen to his songs on the go. Get ready for new music.

The debut will consist of three tracks written and produced by Phil Sanchez, the name behind the moniker and hard-working TIMEWHEEL artist who has taken huge steps toward creating music that gives his audience enthusiasm and his peers inspiration. The release of Animism follows a series of singles which have expressed a leap forward in the fundamental sound of his music, exploring the world of experimental electronic music.



The cover artwork of Animism was designed by Prague-based graphic artist Marielle Tepper, who also is known for working with BRAINFEEDER artists such as Gaslampkiller and Lapalux.

More recently, MASLO was featured on our Facebook Page as part of the weekly live video stream, which received a positive response from our audience. For that, we thank all of you who follow TIMEWHEEL and give support to amazing musicians and artists like MASLO. Phil Sanchez had this to say about his experience and what brought him to this point in his artistic career:

“I started off creating sounds and writing music in high school. Music has always been a big role in my life, mainly for letting out day-to-day feelings and memories to form some kind of malleable item that I can keep and look back at, and in this case, listen back too. I spent about 2 years working on this EP, creating the drums, bass, and melodies etc. At first, I never know where it’s going to take me, but it always tends to form a well-bonded expression of my energy and thoughts. My music is more than just something to listen to, but to feel and try to understand. This EP helped me express the strongest relationship I have; which is with nature.”

To hear more from MASLO, check him out on:

soundcloud | bandcamp | twitter

About the Author
Alex Barclay is a freelance music journalist and label representative at TIMEWHEEL. A long time listener of progressive music, Alex has been an active member in the San Antonio independent music scene for years and is also a staff member at Imagine Books & Records, the Loudest Bookstore in Texas.